Choosing the Right Credit Card

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CONSIDER THIS: The credit cards consumers choose can have a considerable impact on their overall financial health, so it’s important to choose wisely.

Although there are no set rules for finding the perfect credit card, here are some ways to make that search a little easier:

Car Maintenance

How Healthy Car Habits Can Positively Affect Your Credit & Lifestyle

Haley Kieser
Freelance writer that specializes in automotive, finance, and home & living for notable brands.

A good credit score is much more than simply paying your bills on time. Those with the best credit tend to have overall healthy habits, like only buying necessities and keeping luxuries to a minimum. They also make smart decisions when making big purchases, carefully maintain their belongings, and live a fiscally responsible lifestyle.

Trick or Suite 2018 at Greater Nevada Field

Best of Northern Nevada

Anita Good
Greater Nevada Credit Union

Fall is a great time to enjoy the striking natural beauty and diverse activities only found in northern Nevada.  Trees throughout the region show off with glorious displays of autumn color, mild daytime temperatures and crisp evenings are ideal for enjoying the outdoors, and a bounty of local harvest festivals offer fall fun for all ages.

Here are some ideas for local events to check out, plus some unique places to explore that transport you back in time, appeal to sports fans of every persuasion, or beckon nature enthusiasts with scenic diversity and beauty.

Woman using her checking account to mobile deposit

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Checking Account

Anita Good
Greater Nevada Credit Union
Today’s checking accounts run the gamut from basic to offering rewards and higher yields. If you’re looking to find the account that’s right for you, consider these 7 things:
Supporting Image for financial Wellness

Improving Financial Wellness

California / Nevada Credit Union League
CONSIDER THIS: September is self-improvement month—which makes it a good time to look at ways to improve your financial wellness. 

Here are five tips:
Girl paying her bills online

Benefits of Online Bill Pay

Cailey Gibson, Digital Solutions
Greater Nevada Credit Union
If you’re not already using online bill pay, there are many reasons to switch. However, before we go into them, let’s reminisce about what the process of paying bills once looked like.

Accessible Modifications for Your Home

Caitlin Hoff
Most homes aren’t designed with accessibility in mind for people with disabilities. Whether someone is born with an impairment or acquires a disability later in life, certain home modifications may be necessary to improve his or her quality of living. Creating a home that minimizes physical limitations and allows for unhindered mobility can go a long way to building a person’s confidence, self-esteem, and comfort at home. Here are some tips to help you start planning your necessary home modifications.
Short Term Loan supporting image

Staying Cautious with Short-Term Loans

California / Nevada Credit Union League
CONSIDER THIS: The ability to quickly cover emergency expenses is generally what can make a short-term loan seem like a good solution. According to BankRate, 61 percent of American households would not be able to pay for a $1,000 emergency out-of-pocket. That could make a quick injection of cash seem like an attractive option.
Supporting image for P2P payment

What is Person-to-Person Payment?

Cailey Gibson, Digital Solutions
Greater Nevada Credit Union
Person-to-person, or a ‘P2P’ payment, is a term you may have heard in conversation or mentioned in passing. This new form of payment is a way to send or request money from your friends and family, or pay bills via an app faster and easier. For instance, if you go out to lunch with a friend, you can pay them through a P2P payment app and all you need is your friend’s phone number or email.
Family Back to School Shopping

Be a Savvy Back-to-School Shopper

California / Nevada Credit Union League
It’s still only July, but for some, it’s already back-to-school shopping time.
Back-to-school shopping is the second largest consumer spending category after holiday shopping. Once you combined school supplies with other expenses—such as clothing and electronics—a family could easily spend between $600 and $1,000.
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