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Mother and young daughter doing yoga stretches in their home
1/26/2023 | Greater Nevada Credit Union

Have you added a financial “diet” to your 2023 goals?

The start of the new year brings new hope and, often, a refreshed set of goals. While many may be focused on getting on track with their physical health, it can also be beneficial to set goals around financial improvements so you can achieve stronger financial independence.
The Greater Nevada Credit Union team has a few New Year’s tips that can help you with a financial “diet” and achieve a healthy financial balance.

Man playing guitar outside on patio in nature
12/15/2022 | Greater Nevada Credit Union

12 Useful Questions About Debt You'll Be Glad You Asked

Borrowing money can be tricky, so it makes sense that many people have questions about debt. On the one hand, having access to cash is crucial when you need a safety net during difficult times. Oftentimes, well-planned debt can help people purchase big-ticket items, such as a home or vehicle that will improve their quality of life and even their finances in the long run. On the other hand, too much or risky debt can be a significant barrier to financial stability.

Holiday present, coins, and tree with piggy bank
12/6/2022 | Greater Nevada Credit Union

Our Top 10 Tips to Save More Money This Holiday Season

With the holidays fast approaching, we’re all looking for ways to save more money for gifts, traveling, entertainment, and more. So, if you’re wondering how to save more money each month, we’ve got 10 manageable, realistic changes you can make to see your savings grow.

Small business owner smiling in his mobile business trailer
11/16/2022 | Greater Nevada Credit Union

How to Empower Your Community by Banking with a Local Credit Union

If you shop locally in support of your community, we've got another way you can use your wallet to make a difference—banking at a local credit union.

Representative example image of the My Credit Health feature in Greater Nevada Digital Banking
11/15/2022 | Greater Nevada Credit Union

Why You Don't Need a Perfect Credit Score

You know you need a high credit score to make your financial life easier. But if you've been striving for a perfect score — typically 850 — you need to know that it's not worth it. Here's why there's really no need to hit that perfect three digit number.

Five Ways Credit Unions are Different From Banks
10/20/2022 | Greater Nevada Credit Union

Five Ways Credit Unions are Different From Banks

Credit unions like Greater Nevada Credit Union (GNCU) offer a distinct approach to providing financial services and community engagement. In honor of International Credit Union Day – Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022 – the team at GNCU is sharing how and when you can best use the benefits of a credit union. Discover what sets credit unions and banks apart and how to leverage them in conjunction with other financial institutions and solutions.

Couple looking over bills together with calculator
10/5/2022 | Greater Nevada Credit Union

An Alternative to Payday Loans

Sometimes you just need a little extra cash. Maybe your car broke down or you were injured and need help covering your deductible. For these unexpected moments in life, we’ve created the Right Now Loan™.

Speeding car with blurry background
8/22/2022 | Marcus Wertz, Chief Lending Officer

Navigating the Current Auto Market? What to Know Before You Shop

With limited inventory and above-average wait times for new vehicles, buyers who plan ahead may encounter fewer speed bumps in their car buying journey.

Real talk from Matt R. O'Fact
6/28/2022 | Matt R. O'Fact

Real Talk: 3 Reasons to Join a Credit Union

Although they may not be the shiniest object in the banking world, don’t sleep on a credit union for your banking needs. For one, being a member of a credit union is kind of like banding together with your friends to be your own bank. (Sounds nice, right?) Although we could rattle off 100 more, we know time is money, so here are three reasons to join a credit union (wink, wink Greater Nevada Credit Union to be exact.)

Real talk from Matt R. O'Fact
6/6/2022 | Matt R. O'Fact

Real Talk: Making Banking Better and Easier to Understand

Hello everyone, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Matt R. O’Fact, and I’m here to deliver some Real Talk.

What’s Real Talk? It is a few different things. First off, it’s the name of a new campaign that Greater Nevada Credit Union is running to ensure people know about the power of banking with us. And it’s also a promise. A promise from Greater Nevada Credit Union to the people of Nevada— we want to make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

We want to make banking simpler, easier to access and understand. We offer accounts and programs to help your money go further. We commit to taking banking terms and fine print and turn it into real talk that real people can understand.      

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