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GNCU President & CEO, Wally Murray, discusses the future responses to the COVID-19 pandemic
12/2/2020 | Michael Thomas, Vice President of Marketing for Greater Nevada Credit Union

Looking Ahead Into 2021: What's Next As We Recover From COVID-19?

As we get closer to the new year, I believe we’re all trying to imagine what the future holds. None of us has a crystal ball to see how our community and economy will continue to adapt and adjust to current and future challenges. However, we can trust in the foundation that we’ve built together through the turbulent months of 2020. This is the second interview in a two-part series with Greater Nevada Credit Union’s President and CEO, Wally Murray. 
Audacity Fund Reno Receives $25,000 from Greater Nevada Credit Union
11/23/2020 | Greater Nevada Credit Union

Greater Nevada Credit Union Ignites Audacity Fund Reno With $25,000 Contribution

(November 23, 2020) Greater Nevada Credit Union (GNCU) has contributed $25,000 as the first corporate sponsor and financial institution to the Audacity Fund Reno, which provides funding, education and support to local business owners from underserved populations.   
Better Holiday Shopping Planning with Greater Nevada
11/18/2020 | Marcus Wertz, Vice President of Lending for Greater Nevada Credit Union

Four Ways to Plan Your Holiday Shopping and Have a Very Happy Season

More and more people are looking to indulge in the holiday season a little bit earlier this year. Many hope to spark some much-needed joy by putting up festive decorations, baking up some favorite goodies, or creating the perfect gift list.
However, without careful planning, many Americans could find themselves in a world of debt come January 1. For example, in 2019, Americans took on an average of $1,325 of holiday debt, according to a survey conducted by MagnifyMoney. But come January 2020, 78% of people weren’t able to pay off their holiday debt.
President/CEO Wally Murray on COVID-19
11/4/2020 | Michael Thomas, Vice President of Marketing for Greater Nevada Credit Union

An Inside Look at Greater Nevada's Early Response to COVID-19

It seems like decades ago since the COVID-19 pandemic first began impacting our communities in Nevada and California. In the months since March 2020, all of us have experienced a lifetime’s worth of change. This is the first interview in a two-part series with Greater Nevada Credit Union’s President and CEO, Wally Murray. 
Financial Fears - Toy Pumpkin with Money
10/26/2020 | Your Greater Nevada Credit Union Team

Facing Your Financial Fears and Banishing Them From Your Life

Financial fears—those thoughts that keep you up at night with worry and concern. They’re like the grown-up version of the monster under the bed or the ghost in the closet. These shadowy specters haunt more than half of U.S. adults and can cause anxiety and mood changes. But unlike childhood nightmares, the financial frights persist during daytime hours and can affect an individual’s ability to concentrate and achieve their professional goals.

However, there are ways to conjure an antidote or counter-curse to banish these money monsters from your life. Here are six common financial fears among U.S. adults and ways to overpower them.

Young Woman on Laptop and Phone While Digital Banking
10/22/2020 | Veronica Gomez, Digital Experience Manager at Greater Nevada Credit Union

Banking Resources You Can Use Without Ever Going Into A Branch

Sometimes, you want to be able to access a banking resource on your terms. Maybe you just remembered to pay your credit card bill at 2 a.m. Or, you want to be able to check your account balance or deposit a check from the comfort of your couch. With digital banking resources, you can manage your money where and when you need to, which gives you time back to focus on what is most important to you.
Family at the Credit Union Branch Pod - Masks Included
10/15/2020 | Danny DeLaRosa, Chief Development Officer at Greater Nevada Credit Union

3 Reasons Why Credit Unions Are Worth Celebrating

Ice cream, puppies, team sports and credit unions—all four of these have an official day to applaud the goodness they bring to the world. In honor of International Credit Union Day, here are a few reasons why credit unions deserve some accolades on this day, and really every day of the year.
How to Get the Right Checking Account for Your Needs
10/7/2020 | Tom Wambaugh, Vice President of Member Services for Greater Nevada Credit Union

Here's How to Get the Right Checking Account for Your Needs

If you ask most people how much money they have, they’ll likely tell you the current balance of their checking account. It’s fundamental to each person’s finances. Along with a savings account, a checking account is one of the cornerstones of how you manage your money. That’s why choosing the right type of checking product can greatly improve your financial health and satisfaction.
Finances Web Example for Fraud Concerns
10/2/2020 | Patty Chang, Vice President of Risk Management for Greater Nevada Credit Union

Don't Be Fooled! Protect Your Identity and Finances Against Fraud and Scams

It’s crucial to protect your identity right now, as many criminals and scam artists see COVID-19 as an opportunity to prey on Americans—especially seniors. According to data from the Federal Trade Commission, Americans have lost $145 million to fraud related to COVID-19. Since the beginning of 2020, consumers have filed more than 205,000 reports of fraud linked to the coronavirus, according to the FTC.
Emergency Preparedness Month - Emergency Piggy Bank
9/24/20 | Dean Altus, Executive Vice President/Chief Credit & Retail Officer at Greater Nevada Credit Union

More Greater Nevada Members Create Savings Habits With 'I Can Save'

In less than 10 months, almost 1,000 Greater Nevada members have taken the leap and invested in themselves by creating good savings habits. This is especially encouraging given the statistics regarding the number of Americans who haven't been able to save money for an emergency. About 78% of American workers live paycheck-to-paycheck, more than half of U.S. households don't have an emergency savings fund, and 40% would struggle to cope with a $400 unexpected expense.
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