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Don't Let Student Debt Delay Your Dream of Homeownership
8/22/19 | Greater Nevada Mortgage

Don’t Let Student Debt Delay Your Dream of Homeownership

If you’re like 45 million Americans dealing with a student loan payment every month, it can be hard to imagine adding a mortgage payment to your monthly expenses but it’s important to remember a home is also an investment and likely your biggest financial asset.
8/22/19 | Marcus Wertz, VP of GNCU Consumer Lending

Reassess Student Loan Debt to Reach Your Financial Goals Faster

Buying your first home, saving for retirement or even building an emergency fund can be intimidating for any of us. Add the need to pay down student debt and you may find yourself worried about the best approach. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are some simple steps you can take to reassess your student loan and make sure you’re on the right track to reach your financial goals that much sooner.
Home Insurance
8/8/19 | Brent Cordell, Greater Nevada Insurance

The Best Home Insurance Coverage at the Best Price

Many of us consider our house our most valuable asset; but are we doing everything to make sure it’s fully protected? In the third part of our summer blog series, local Nevada insurance agent Brent Cordell outlines the coverage you need to keep your home protected.
Auto Insurance
8/8/19 | Brent Cordell, Greater Nevada Insurance

The Ins and Outs of Auto Insurance

When you hear friends and family talk about a great deal on insurance, it can be tempting to get a quote of your own. But first, you need to know the key terms, what items can impact your cost, and how to evaluate the monthly costs and savings against the amount of coverage you’ll get.
Insurance for Home, Life, Auto and More
8/8/19 | Brent Cordell, Greater Nevada Insurance

5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Insurance

We need insurance for just about everything: Home or renters, car, life, business, pets and possibly a whole lot more. But without the proper research, you may not be fully protected or could be paying more than needed. Greater Nevada Insurance’s local agent walks through easy tips to review your coverage and find quick savings.