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How To Pay For College
2/25/19 | Greater Nevada Credit Union

How to Pay for College

Hooray! You’ve been accepted to college. Now the question is, “how do I pay for it?”  With several different options, including pay as you go, scholarships, grants and student loans, finding the best way to finance your education can seem overwhelming. Here are some tips to make navigating the financial side of your college education that much easier.
How to Get Discounts at Disneyland Resorts
2/14/19 | Get Away Today - a GNCU Partner

How to Get Discounts at Disneyland Resorts

If you’re starting to plan a spring break vacation or family summer trip, and Disneyland Resort is where you’d like to head, don’t book anything until you check out the many discounts available to you. Before we look at those special offers, let’s first review upcoming events that you may want to schedule around.
A Look at Mobile Wallets
2/6/19 | Cailey Gibson

A Look at Mobile Wallets

Greater Nevada Credit Union

What’s a Mobile Wallet?

A mobile wallet is located in your smartphone, tablet or smart watch, and some can be used on a laptop or desktop, as well. The wallet can be part of a built-in feature on a mobile device, or an app that you download from an app store. For instance, the Apple Pay™, mobile wallet is built into the Apple iPhone, where Samsung Pay™ and Google Pay™ mobile wallets require downloading the app on to your smart phone.