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6/6/2022 | Matt R. O'Fact

Real Talk: Making Banking Better and Easier to Understand

Hello everyone, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Matt R. O’Fact, and I’m here to deliver some Real Talk.

What’s Real Talk? It is a few different things. First off, it’s the name of a new campaign that Greater Nevada Credit Union is running to ensure people know about the power of banking with us. And it’s also a promise. A promise from Greater Nevada Credit Union to the people of Nevada— we want to make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

We want to make banking simpler, easier to access and understand. We offer accounts and programs to help your money go further. We commit to taking banking terms and fine print and turn it into real talk that real people can understand.      

Real talk from Matt R. O'Fact

Products Here to Help You

Greater Nevada isn’t about having the lowest fees possible or making sure your cryptocurrency investments get the best returns. We’re about helping people invest in themselves and the people around them to make Nevada a thriving community. We focus on helping people grow and achieve a better life.

Money isn’t everything, but it is still important. We designed these products to help Nevadans keep more money in their pockets.   

Cash Back Checking – Earn up to $120 in cash back per year1 when you make purchases with your secure GNCU Visa® debit card. One of the few cash-back checking accounts in Nevada, and includes our free Student Cash Back Checking account with no fees and the option to earn cash back too.  

Aspire High-Interest Checking – Earn 1.75% APY2 for up to $25,000 in your checking account, one of the highest in Nevada!  

Payment Saver Auto Loans – An innovative loan option that combines the cost savings of a car lease while you still retain ownership of your vehicle. We save people an average of $188 per month3 with this program.

90-Day No Pay Loans4 – Pause paying your vehicle or personal loan when unexpected expenses pop up. Though it might cost you a little more in the long run, this program can help you route your loan payments towards life’s surprises.    

Digital Banking to Help You Live Greater, No Matter Where You Are

We’re committed to breaking down barriers for community banking. We are launching a new online banking platform later this summer designed to make online banking more manageable and powerful. It will be an online, one-stop shop to where you can take care of all your banking digitally. It will be faster, more secure, and easier to use.

We’re also launching a new website that is simpler to navigate. Giving you the information you need in clearer terms. 

Converting Banking Language to Real Talk

Minimum balances, APR, and fine print— they’re all necessary. However, they can get in the way of knowing what you’re really getting yourself into. We want to make sure you get to spend your money on what you need (and want), and not collect fees because you missed something in the fine print.

So, we created the Real Talk Center. A place where you can easily find the services we offer, whether you’re looking to start a checking account, get a credit card, or apply for a mortgage. Here, we’ll break down complicated banking terms and concepts into easy-to-understand language. You’ll also be able to find the resources you need to go from banking beginner to financial guru.   

Nevada, we’ve been through a lot. But, there is no perfect time to Live Greater. Sure we’ve just gone through a pandemic that has (or still is) lasted longer than anyone would like. We’re facing inflation, supply chain problems, and the fears of an economic slowdown. We can’t tell the future, but we believe Nevadans can work together to make their communities greater. We’re not about get-rich-quick, but putting in the hard work every day to make your life better, one step at a time. And we’re here to put in the work with you.

It’s go time, Nevada.

Start now and join us at the Real Talk Center.



11% Cash back on all signature and pin based swipes on the first $1,000 in point of sales transactions per month (when qualifications are met) based on up to $10 in cash back each qualifying month. Monthly qualifications are 9 debit card purchases must post and clear, one direct deposit received, and account statements delivered via eStatements. Other rewards received when monthly qualifications are met include ATM fee rebates and waiver of the $10 monthly service fee. Student Cash Back Checking is available to students enrolled in school, age 14-24. Students must be available to present a student ID or substitute evidence of enrollment. Up to $10 in cash back monthly based on 1% cash back on all signature and pin based swipes on the first $1,000 in point of sales transactions per month, the monthly qualifications are 6 debit card purchases must post and clear and account statements must be delivered via eStatements. Membership requirements apply. Available to personal accounts only.

"Qualification Cycle" means a period beginning one day prior to the first of the month and ending one day prior to the last day of the month (ex. July 31-August 30 for August statement). Transactions may take one or more business days from the transaction date to post to an account from the date the transaction is made.

2APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Aspire Checking accounts earn 1.75% APY on qualifying balances up to $25,000. Rate tiers are as follows: 1.75% APY applies to balances of $0.01 - $25,000.00 and 0.05% APY applies to balances over $25,000.00 if qualifications are met during the monthly qualification cycle. 0.05% APY applies to all balances if monthly qualifications are not met. Monthly qualifications are 9 debit card purchases must post and clear, one direct deposit received, and account statements delivered via eStatements. The Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield may change monthly for Checking Accounts. Rates and terms are accurate as of Wednesday, April 1, 2020 and are subject to change. Fees may reduce earnings. Membership requirements apply. Available to personal accounts only.

3Average monthly savings of $188.00 compared to a traditional GNCU auto loan based on all GNCU Payment Saver auto loans from January 1, 2019 - May 31, 2019.

490-day no pay offer is based on approved credit. Offer is available on a new auto loan, recreational loan, personal loan, and personal line of credit (PLOC) with application submitted by September 5, 2022. Loans not eligible for the offer: Payment Saver Auto Loan, mortgage loans, home equity line of credit (HELOC), Ready Loan, and credit cards. If accepted, it will extend your loan by three (3) months, and finance charges will accrue on unpaid principal. Offer is subject to change or cancellation without notice except as required by law.