Retirement 101

How to Start a Retirement Plan

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Recent surveys found that Americans’ biggest financial fear is never being able to retire, and that 56% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement. Working for a company that doesn’t offer a retirement plan (such as a 401(k)), not being able to save money after the bills are paid, and/or simply procrastinating on getting started are commonly cited as reasons by those that are falling short or feeling financially insecure.

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CONSIDER THIS:  According to a survey, only 42 percent of adults in this country have estate planning documents such as a will or living trust.

These documents formally address distribution of assets, and for parents, wills and trusts outline directives for the care and custody of their children. And letting the people you want to take care of your children know your wishes and communicating your intentions to the state via legally recorded documents is important.
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Smart Money: Best Moves for 20-Something Investors


When it comes to investing early in life, you likely have two things on your side: time and flexibility. Although a 2015 survey found that most millennials don't think they'll have enough money saved for retirement, investing is one way to help build wealth for the future. Here are some of the best investments you can make in your 20s.


What You Need To Know About Taxes and Deposit Account Interest

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It may come as no surprise, but the IRS taxes the interest paid to you on your basic deposit accounts as taxable income. Financial institutions that pay you more than $10 in interest (or dividends as they are called at Greater Nevada Credit Union) on your deposits in a given year are required to report that amount by filing a Form 1099-INT. Even if you do not receive a copy of the 1099-INT filed by your financial institution, the IRS still expects you to report the interest income earned. If you have not yet filed your 2013 tax returns (and even if you have), it may help you cover your bases to be aware of some tax policies that affect your basic deposit accounts.


What is an IRA Anyway?

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Since we’re deep into tax season, the one time of year when people think about their retirement accounts and investments, we thought we’d try to shed some light on one of the least understood types of investment products – the IRA. For many folks, the IRA is a vague “way to save money”, complicated, misunderstood and overwhelming. So let’s take some of the mystery out of it. The basics: 

Worrying About Retirement at 35? You’re Not Alone…

Kyle Brice
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If someone asked you how prepared you are for retirement, what would you say? If your answer is, “What retirement?” don't worry, you’re in good company.

The good news is about half of your age group is in the same boat, so it’s nothing to be embarrassed of. The bad news is, this is the highest percent of any age group. Normally you would associate worrying about retirement with folks who are actually near retirement age, but the Great Recession has caused a shift in attitude, and in wealth.