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Emergency Preparedness Month - Emergency Piggy Bank
9/24/20 | Dean Altus, Executive Vice President/Chief Credit & Retail Officer at Greater Nevada Credit Union

More Greater Nevada Members Create Savings Habits With 'I Can Save'

In less than 10 months, almost 1,000 Greater Nevada members have taken the leap and invested in themselves by creating good savings habits. This is especially encouraging given the statistics regarding the number of Americans who haven't been able to save money for an emergency. About 78% of American workers live paycheck-to-paycheck, more than half of U.S. households don't have an emergency savings fund, and 40% would struggle to cope with a $400 unexpected expense.
Emergency Preparedness Month - Emergency Piggy Bank
9/17/20 | Danny DeLaRosa, Chief Development Officer at Greater Nevada Credit Union

Get Ahead and Start Preparing for the Next Financial Emergency Today

Amid all the other crises of 2020—a global pandemic, the largest wildfire season recorded in California history, murder hornets (remember those?)—many people are also experiencing their own financial emergency. Some have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic or seen a dramatic dip in their hours and pay. Others have watched their retirement savings fluctuate due to market conditions. For some small business owners, the one-two-punch of state-wide closures and the threat of the coronavirus has led to an almost 27% dip in revenue.
9/9/20 | Jeremy Gilpin, Executive Vice President of Greater Commercial Lending

How Helping Rural Businesses Access Capital Protects Our Country’s Supply Chains

As we all respond and adapt to the massive changes brought by COVID-19, it’s vital to recognize how crucial the role rural businesses play in the recovery of our national economy. When a global health crisis disrupts America’s rural economies and communities, the ripple effects can impact supply chains of essential services and products. Without the food, transportation, manufacturing, and energy that America’s rural businesses produce, people in metropolitan areas suffer needlessly.